Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Tomorrow morning I'm gonna jump on the buss into
central London, where I'm gonna meet my dear friend
Miss Wink for the first time!
We'd been online friends for over five years or so and
we started to talk on the phone earlier this year.
It's about time we meet up!
I can't wait to go shopping, have too much coffee and
gossip our asses off. I sure hope I get my voice back,
I haven't been able to speak all day!

It's been a busy day for me today.
I decided to mow the lawn in the back and then I ended
up mowing the front as well and trim the bushes.
I'm gonna be sore in the morning.

I also cleaned the house, made Jew soup, went to the
beauty salon to improve my tan (I love freckles) and now
I'm trying to pamper myself by dyeing my brows, scrub
my feet and give my hair a well deserved hair mask.
I'm considering putting some fake nails on for tomorrow
but I can't decide if I should go for a French manicure look
or red nails. What do you think?


Jema Rose said...

Vad kul att träffa en blogg-väninna, ni får säkert en rolig och trevlig dag tillsammans!

: )

Jag "röstar" nog på röda naglar...

KRAM, Jenny


Abigail said...

For that special gal I would go red.

Jema Rose said...

15 ståbasar, oj de måste ta en hel del plats..! Flamencodockor kan man ju faktiskt köpa på sig MÅNGA, de tar ju inte SÅ väldigt mycket plats...dessutom är de oftast väldigt billiga. Jag samlar även på Barbie-dockor, mestadels Silkstone och Repro-dockor.

KRAM, Jenny


Kitten said...

Ha, varying between red nails and french manicure are the only options I ever seem to use. I would match it with your outfit.

Hope you ladies have an absolutely wonderful time!

Zizzi said...

Vad roligt att ni har varit vänner så länge, och aldrig träffats! Hoppas ni får jätteskoj!
Kram cissi