Friday, 11 September 2009


I forgot to post what I purchased yesterday!
I got these babies at Primark Oxford St. for £13.
I already have a ton of T-strap heels but none with
a shorter heel and that's actually comfortable, so I
got these for everyday running about.
Perfect color for the English autumn too!

Time to crawl back under the cover and wait for
my man to get back from the store with Elderflower
(Fläder) juice and honey cough drops.


Clare said...

I bought almost exactly these shoes for almost exactly 3 times the price at topshop last year. I also have yet to wear them because the heel is too high and they hurt!
I should have just waited a year and gone to primark!

Pixie. said...

oooh, they're so pretty *_*

Anonymous said...

just the right height and colour to liven up any outfit

Kissen said...

Hej darling. Livet är upp och ned.
Rätt ok just nu.
Hur mår du? Hoppas sjukan släpper så du inte får flunsa eller nån sån skit.

Ska jag slå en signal på söndag kanske?

Angel said...

They are pretty!

My favourite T-Bars are some grey vintage Bally one's I picked up.