Thursday, 24 September 2009


I've meant to post pictures of my hobby room for quite
some time now but I always forget.
It's my favorite place in the house, it's small but bright.
There's tons of cute stuff, most of them from the 1950's,
but it doesn't feel cluttered.
When I first moved here there was some horrible wall
paper and ugly floor so I stripped the walls and painted
them in my favorite green color and laid down wooden
laminate flooring.
Since it's so small it was hard to take proper photos but
here it is in almost all it's glory!

Sewing area.

Books and old tins In which I store hobby material.

My lovely Teak dresser is full of craft stuff.
The cute dolls bring some innocence to my "filthy"
literature collection.

Here's where I sit and flick through books and 1950's
magazines to get inspired.

My Teak sideboard who's filled with unfinished projects
and tons of 1940's/1950's sewing pattern.

Just like my grandma I put flowerpots on odd 1950's
coffee saucers.

Most of the stuff is finds from flea markets and car boot
sales. Not much is new. Everything Teak is Swedish.


punk in writing said...

Looks lovely! :)

Betty Bottom said...

Oh dear, I love it! It is nice to see such a stylish crafting room! In our appartment our working room is quite much the one that we let look like a working room. It is also a room where I can just close the door when visitors arrive because of the tons of the sewing, crafting, car modelling, painting, collecting and everything else stuff we have packed in it. After our latest arrangement it got a bit better though. :)

Jema Rose said...

Vilket fint & härligt rum...I LIKE!!!

: )

KRAM, Jenny


Miss Wink said...

I adore this room, just the kind of interior decoration I love.

Oh, and we have the same white Maneki Neko!

Marie M said...

wow, just beautiful !!! i love your room deco... I wish having a room like that.

Betty Lou said...

ser utmysigt ut! jag gillar när det är lite litet, blir mycket mysigare så.

min mamma har också sina blommor på udda fat :D

Mrs Munster said...

Lovely looking room. I remember my nan putting flower pots on coffee saucers. The only way to have it, I think!

tam said...

I love it, so cute I took photos of my room today for my blog, great minds think alike! x x

Heather said...

very cute! makes me wanna play!

Ruby Roulette said...

Very cute!

Little Rascal said...

Pink In Writing: It is! :D

Betty Bottom: Thank you very much. :)

Jema Rose: Tack! :D
Gront ar verkligen skont. :)

Miss Wink: Thanks sweetie.
If you come over, that's the room you will stay in.

Marie M: Thank you dear.

Betty Lou: Jag kan spendera timmar dar, det ar liksom mitt lilla krypin.

Mrs Munster: Thank you sweetie.
It's a very good way to use cute saucers if you no longer have cups to go with them.
And it's more fun to have them in your window than in the cupboards.

Tam: Looking forward to see it! :)

Heather: Thank you honey. :)

Ruby Roulette: Thanks luv.

Zizzi said...

Underbart fint!

Megan said...

This is an amazing hobby room! So jealous!

Seinäruusunen said...

Your home is wonderful.
I like it very much. especially in the sewing area.

Miriam Parkman said...

Hur många stringhyllor har du egentligen!?!? AVIS!!

Väldigt fint rum i huvudtaget. Även om jag älskar min lägenhet här i Gubbis just nu så kan jag knappt vänta tills jag bor på bostadsrätt/förstahands-kontrakt så att jag får måla väggarna som jag vill...
Då blir det allt annat än vitt!