Sunday, 27 September 2009


Oh my word!
I don't think I've ever been this lucky at a car boot sale as I
was today.
I can't really post all of my finds because they were too many
so this is as usual just a small selection.
I got handbags and gloves from the 1950's/1960's, some neat
stuff to revamp, (I will post these stuff as before and after in
the near future) a vintage scarf for mother in law, brand new
tops, a pair of nice wedges, a tray from the 1950's, Remington
steam rollers for my hair and loads, loads more.
My favorite of the day must be the wicker sewing box on legs
and a vintage Nina Ricci perfume bottle.

The sewing box is in a bit of a state so that will be my revamp
project over Yom Kippur that starts in less than an hour.
This means that I won't eat, drink, have sex, brush my teeth or
even shower for the next 25 hours to repent for my sins.

Wedges, 50 pence.

Tray, 30 pence.

Bags, £1 for the lot.

Nina Ricci pefume bottle, £1.50.

Gloves, 50 pence/pair.

Sewing box, £1.50.


Rosina Lee said...

I love it when some days you come across the greatest items when you least suspect it!. I'm in love with those wedges, perfect for summer.

xxx Rosina Lee

tam said...

Wow well done you! I love that perfume bottle its beautiful! x x

Jitterbugdoll said...

This wedges are so cute! Great finds :-)

Little Rascal said...

Rosina Lee: Today was madness.
I had to go back to the car and unload 3 times. :))

Tam: Thanks dear. :)
My grandma had one just like it back in the days and gave it to me but it got lost somewhere.

Jitterbugdoll: Thanks honey. :)

Jema Rose said...

Jättefina fynd du gjort...som vanligt!Skorna är ju underbara!!!

; )

Jag köpte ytterligare en Spansk souvenirdocka igår, den var dock lite annorlunda, den har en röd-vitrandig klänning, med ett svart förkläde, ska försöka fixa en bild på den till min blogg...

KRAM, Jenny


Little Rascal said...

Jema Rose: Ja, det var ju helt galet kul idag, sjukt billigt var det med. :)

Ser fram emot att fa se din nya docka.

Ms. B said...

Ooh the wedges are so cute! I love them!!

Betty Lou said...

jag dör!

du kanske kan börja fynda fina skor i stl 39 ;D ;D

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great haul, you truly are the bargain hunt queen. Those wedges are super cute.

Heather said...

I love the old gloves, I have several pairs but none as pretty as those :9 I love the green ones! I need to do more shopping!
The Purfume bottle is also very elegant. it looks really old!

Jessica Cangiano said...

*Speechless* :)

You have the most amazing thrifting luck on the planet. Those gloves alone have me swooning, add in the other pieces and it's like you stumbled upon a vintage treasure chest.

♥ Jessica

Linnea said...

fint fint fint!! så kul att kolla in alla dina inköp...du hittar ju alltid så mycket och billigt....får du plats med allt där hemma?

Zizzi said...

Vad kul! Ser fram emot att se dina kreativa före och efter bilder!

Little Rascal said...

Ms. B: Thanks darling.

Betty Lou: Jag har hittat massor av snygga skor i din storlek. Verkar som om ingen har sa sma fotter som mig. :))

Ms De Vil: Aw, thanks dear. :)

Heather: England is the place of gloves and hats I think.
I've picked up a lot of gloves since I moved here, I should really start wearing them.
The bottle is an old Nina Ricci.
My maternal grandma had one just like it.

Jessica Cangiano: Well, I got REALLY lucky during the weekend. Sometimes I go home with just a few bits, last weekend I had to go back to the car and unload my bag frequently.

Linnea: Jadu, det undrar jag oxa. :))

Zizzi: Det kommer nog ta lite tid, mase hitta en haftapparat forst, fast det far bli efter Prag saklart.
Kan inte bestamma mig om jag vill ha leopardmonstrat eller 50-tals inspirerat pa locket. Vad tror du?