Monday, 30 June 2008


I think I have a new favorite pair of earrings.
My guy gave them to me the other day and I must say
they're a perfect match to my new espadrille wedges.
Call me lucky. *smirk*

Song of the day:
The Barker Brothers - "Hey little mama"


Paper Girl Productions said...

The earrings rock! They look awesome on you!

miss vintage love said...

Gorgeous! Such a great picture!

annabananna said...


Little Rascal said...

Paper Girl Productions: Thanks sweetie. :)

Miss Vintage Love: Thank you dear. :)

Annabananna: Thank you darling. :)

Anonymous said...

Great photo! Your blog is wonderful. I will definitely be back to visit. Stop by mine if you get the chance. :)

<3 Gina