Saturday, 18 October 2008


Still nothing from the rescue site about Leah.
I'm so impatient but have second thoughts about adopting
for one very silly reason - will my man go nuts over dog hair?
Hit me with a shovel!

I sent Astrid a text message yesterday telling her that I miss
her dearly, I got a text back saying that she misses me too.
I actually thinking about going to Stockholm for a weekend
soon since me and my mans plans to go to Prague is no more.
Stockholm is so beautiful during autumn.
I wanna go for long walks, shopping and lunch at Hermans.
I'm not so sure I can afford it right now though...

We have plans to go to a car boot sale this morning.
I got the flu, again, but I'm fed up being indoors and the air
might do me good after all.
Wish me luck.


fröken lila said...

take good care about you! i do hope you'll be better soon, and getting a bit out of doors does not sound like such a bad idea..

Mrs Munster said...

I had both of my dogs when they were puppies and oh the waiting felt so long between the times we first saw them and when we were able to get them home. Hope everything goes ok with your adoption plans!

My staffie doesn't seem to shed any hair but rottie does. Everything is always covered in black & ginger hairs, no matter how often I vacuum. After a while you just stop caring :)