Saturday, 18 October 2008


It sure was a good idea to get out of the house today!
I don't feel that I'm getting any better from the flu
but it sure beats laying on the sofa.
We went to our favorite car boot sale and ended up
with some nice finds.

Jacket, £2.
The jacket is slightly too big but it looks very classy
with a dark red pencil skirt.
I wasn't sure if I wanted it because of the size but my
man said that it's better to buy it and have it hanging
in the closet or sell it than to regret that I didn't get
it at all.

Bag, £1.
I love this yellow tartan bag my man got me.
I don't have much brown leather stuff in my closet
so it's a bag that's more than welcome to stay.

Watering can, 10 pence.
The watering can totally matches the orange tiles in
our kitchen.

Stool, £1.
The stool need some TLC, like sanding it and oiling,
not a major task though.
It sure looks good in my hobby-room.

The fab pattern.


Miss Wink said...

Oh My what pretty finds you did!
Love the jacket, it will be so pretty with a pencil skirt.
You sure are the queen of car boot sales!


Betty Lou said...

åh är så avis på dig som alltid fyndar. den där väskan skulle jag inte tacka nej till, eller stolen!

Lady Thirty said...

jackan var supersnygg!

Lo said...

Alltså den dära rutiga hattaskliknande saken är ju bara för fin för att vara sann, och vattenkannan med! Du är världmästare på att fynda tjusiga saker för endast ett korvöre ;)

Stor kram.

Mrs Munster said...

Such a great finds again. That jacket is gorgeous. I haven't been able to go any car boots as I don't have a car to take me there any more... I think my house is thanking me as it started to be have too much stuff everywhere.

Little Rascal said...

Miss Wink: Thanks doll! :D
It looks perfect with my dark red woolen pencil skirt I got for 20 kr at Myrornas a couple of years ago.
I still want it in a smaller size...

Betty Lou: Thanks darling! :)
Don't be, our house contains too much stuff at the moment.
My man has been living in this house for almost 10 years and you can surely imagine all the crap he's been keeping for all that time, my amount is really nothing compared to his. :))

Lady Thirty: Thank you sweetie! :)

Lo: Thank you darling. :)
I really love the bag as well.
I almost didn't get it, I thought I have too many bags but 5 minutes later I told my man to go back and get it. :))

Mrs Munster: Thanks honey.
I got the same problem, well, it's my man that have too much crap and we're gonna have a clear out very soon, he said we should wait until spring but why the hell should we?
Too much stuff can really get you down.

Vintage Darling said...

the bag, the bag, the bag!

grr on you!