Sunday, 5 October 2008


Crazy showers outside.
I'm in my cozy hobby room, gluing a bunch of hair-flowers.
I want to make sugar skulls out of paper mache today, I've
never made anything out of paper mache before but I'd sure
love a challenge!
I got the bits and a tutorial so nothing stops me from trying.

My man just asked what I want for my birthday, which is
still two months away.
Now that's a very good question!
I've noticed that it gets harder to come up with something
when you get older.
I guess there's some DVD's I wouldn't say no to, another
luctie handbag wouldn't hurt, a new last name maybe...

What would you wish for?


Linn Ekholm said...

I wished for a christmas concert ticket and that they give the rest of the money to charity. My birthday is now in october so Bröstcancer-fonden was the charity I wanted them to donate to...

Nice skulls btw =0)

Little Rascal said...

I always give donations to charity during Hanukkah, it's a good thing to do since I don't spend any money on Christmas gifts.

Heather said...

thats a tough one , cause the hubby just asked me what i wanted for christmas this morning......and i have NO idea

Mrs Munster said...

My birthday in in the end of the month and I have no idea what I want for a present. There are loads of stuff that I want, like tattoos, zillions pairs of shoes etc. but it's difficult to choose what I want the most. That's why I almost prefer not to get anything at all.

Vintage Darling said...

i always wish for lot's of love, that is the greatest thing in life. and it's for free :D