Thursday, 23 October 2008


Me and my man always looks out for a bigger house
with a lot more character than the house we live in now.
I already found a house that I want to move to but it's
not for sale and it's in a bit of a state but I love it dearly.
This house isn't too far from our house so we passing it
every time we go for our daily walk.
It's something about it and the fact that it actually look
like a gingerbread house makes it even more lovable.

Well, to be honest, I rater get my paws on a huge white
Art Deco house in North London or Miami Beach or a
big functionalist villa in Stockholm but this particular
house is more of an realistic dream if you catch my drift...


Mrs Munster said...

That house is adorable. Its nicer to get a house that is in bit of a state. The possibilities are endless how to do it up and decorate it. Obviously now would be a good time to buy but bot sell...hence, I won't be moving anywhere any time soon :(

fröken lila said...

well, you could use the time being saving up some money and then maybe some beautiful day it will be for sale.. it really is most pretty and bewitched..

Heather said...

That house is simply charming!! I myself have always wanted to live in a hug victorian house. but I love th eone we have now, a cute little historical house built inthe late 1800's. Good luck on getting what you want! it's out there somewhere!