Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Here's some of the finds we made on Sunday.
As usual, the finds are from the 1950's - 1960's,
except the shopping list, that's just kitsch.

I also got two porcelain fawns for 10 pence each.
(I'm gonna send to a friend who collects them.)
I also got a red gingham blouse with puff sleeves
and a rounded collar for 30 pence.

Necklace, £1.

Shopping list, 10 pence.

Single, 20 pence.

Cool jazz records, 65 pence each.

Table, £1.


Betty Lou said...

du gör min hud grön! som i grön av avund.

miss vintage love said...

Cute finds!!

Mrs Munster said...

What a fab table and for a £1. Stunning find.

Miss Wink said...

Love the table, looks a little bit like our living room table.
The jazz records looks fantastic!

G w e n said...

Cool stuff! I love that table(wow! only £1) and I could use the shopping list. And awesome records!

Anonymous said...

Really nice finds, I love the table and the shopping list!