Wednesday, 15 October 2008


I had an awesome time at the Hemsby weekender!
Me and my man took good care of Dave Phillips & The Hot
Rod Gang
. (Mark Harman and Rob Tyler from Restless.)
I actually thought it would be wilder to share chalet with them
but I guess it's because the boys isn't in their 20's anymore.

Talking about boys, damn, I never got so many compliments
before in my life from both men and women about my clothes
and good looks. *lol*
It sure was nice to get an ego-boost.

The last night was the best! The Go-Getters was better than
ever and I was bopping like the friggin' Enegizer Bunny in my
high heels in front of the stage.

After the set I met up with my friend Elaine and we ended up
taking the piss out of some people (that deserved it) and had
the best of times.
We were spoiling The Go-Getters rotten with beer.
Tommy Love, the bass player, ended up heaving like a cat in
the end of the night.
Me and the guys were teaching Elaine naughty words in
Thomas, the guitarist, got so drunk that he was like super-
glued to me and Elaine the entire night, it was kind of fun at
first but it got very frustrating after a while.
I tried to get Peter, the singer, to take care of him but he
bought me a Baileys instead.

My friend Mike Sanchez gave me a free CD and said to me and
my man that we're an incredible good looking couple. Bless.

I also did some finds at the car boot sale...

Top £3.

Napkin holder £1 .
(I'm gonna spray the metal black.)

Necklace £1.
(I'm gonna turn it into a necklace and two bracelets.)

Footstool £15.

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Betty Lou said...

åh jag älskar fåtöljen

Betty Lou said...

fotpall menar jag, tänkte fåtölj medans jag skrev ;D

Mrs Munster said...

Sounds you had awesome time and you certainly did find great stuff from car boot.

Miss Wink said...

You look picture-perfect as alway too :)

Vintage Darling said...

wow, i love the last photo, that piece is gorgeous!