Friday, 24 October 2008


I have a mild depression going on at the moment, with
mild I mean that I can handle it way better than I could
two years ago. Thanks to my very supportive man and
my psychologist who helped me more in one year than
the others done since I was a kid.
I've been suffering with deep depressions since I was 11
years old but now I don't give into the depression and
let my self go as I used to.
I don't want to take any medications unless I have to.
I've changed from Prozac to craft, it works better that
way, at least I like to think so.
I've made tons of stuff this week and that feeling of
accomplishment really is rewarding.

When I'm down it's really the small things that make a big
difference in my life.
Like today, we went to Hitchin to visit the antique market
they got going on every Friday.
I got some 1940's/1950's sewing bits that I absolutely love.
The paper basket is a needle holder, it's too cute for words.
I also found a roll of vintage wallpaper that I can use for
wrapping presents or make a new outfit for a book.

Pin holder & buttons £3.50.

Wallpaper, 20 pence.

Our friend Paula came over for a cup of coffee and a chat
this afternoon and she gave me her soda fountain I fell in
love with at her Luau!

It's Shabbat tonight, my man actually promised to eat carbs
for once so we're making potato soup and apple pie.
I can't wait!


Lovelies said...

I don't know how to say other than hang in there babe.
And enjoy the small things as they come.

Miss Wink said...

You know where I am, my dear friend. I'm always here for you!
*tons of hugs and love*

Mrs Munster said...

I've battled with depression for the last 8 years. Was bad for the first year and I did the whole medication/ therapy. Still I find myself having really bad downs on a regular basis. I've come to a conclusion that depression will never leave me. I just have to learn to live with it and try to deal with it.
Hope you will feel better soon. Crafts is an excellent mood elevator!
And that little needle holder truly is too cute for words.

staria said...

I've suffered from depression since I was 10. I've tried going to therapists twice already, but they never seem to do more than give me Prozac. Lately I've been learning to sew and doing craft and I think that has helped me more than the pills.

Elina said...

Good for you that you've find something to help you when feeling low! I too had problems with depression since I was about 13 and once I took medicine for it when it got to bad. I did get a little better but it was nine months of feeling sick and weird...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you find your way of handling the depressions. I wish you everything good and I hope you had a nice Shabbat. x

Betty Lou said...

hoppas du blir kvitt den snabbt raring. bra att du hittat nåt som får tankarna att hålla sig undan