Saturday, 4 October 2008


My lovely man woke me up this morning with a bunch of
beautiful pink roses and a kick ass breakfast consisting of
proper coffee, orange juice, scrambled eggs and a garlic &
onion bagel.

I'm in love!
I was reading about The Wizard of Oz 70th anniversary
and stumbled upon the prettiest ruby slippers I've ever
seen in my life.
I already got 3 pair of glittery ruby slippers/heels but
they are far from as pretty and sexy as these.
The brain behind these babies is of course the wonderful
Betsey Johnson.

I would do anything to have these in a US size 5.5/6...

I was lucky yesterday to get a hot glue gun for only £1!
I was looking at HobbyCraft at first and their glue guns
cost around £7 and looked a bit crappy so instead I went
to Poundland and got the same gun, just as crappy but
for less.
I forgot to pick up some craft stuff yesterday because I
didn't want to miss an auction on eBay so I'm going
back for the bits in a couple of minutes.


the freelancer's fashionblog said...

You really have the life of a queen :)

I've never tried putting lace on thees but that's truly a great idea!

Miss Wink said...

Could your man maybe give some classes to other men (read:mine!) how to treat their woman like the princess she is??

Mrs Munster said...

You really have been pampered. I love the pound shops. You find great stuff there...well for a pound. Quality is crap but it'll do for the time being.

Little Rascal said...

The Freelancer's Fashionblog: It's like this most of the times, I really have a wonderful guy.
I do a lot for him as well, of course.

Lace is great to doll up a boring tee. You should try it.

Miss Wink: That's not a bad idea... :)
Hey, don't complain, you've got two books and an apron the other day.

Mrs Munster: Yeah, I'm spoiled rotten. :D
I found so much cool stuff over the years at Poundland, my absolute favorite must be my Sailor Jerry style belt.
I might not have it for long but I rater pay £1 than £20.