Wednesday, 8 October 2008


I just finished my last meal and last drink for the next 25 hours.
No, I don't have an eating disorder, it's Yom Kippur.
The plan for now is to lay under a thick duvet and do nothing.
I borrowed some cool books at the library earlier today and we
might watch the old Star Wars movies.
Since we are liberal Jews we don't eat, drink or work but we do
everything else.

Tomorrow I'm gonna try on dresses for the Hemsby weekend.
I still struggle with the fact that 95% of all my dresses are way
too big but I'll do my best to put something together.
I can't wait to drink coconut rum and meet up with my friends!
And see some cool bands, of course...


Miss Wink said...

I think you are the only person I know who complains about her clothes being too big, silly ;)

Oh, are you going to Hemsby...Wish I was too. Next year maybe?
I would love to come over to England to visit you!

Helena S. said...

Judaism is such an interesting religion that if I ever became religious I would definitely choose to be a Jew.

Mrs Munster said...

Hemsby this weekend! How exciting...well for you! Hope you have good time also for us poor souls who will be working all weekend.