Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Clowns - They scare the living shit out of me.
I suffer with clown phobia, it's called Coulrophobia
and I had it for as long as I can remember.
I tried to be brave and watch the movie "It" about
four months ago, I managed but I hid under the
duvet as soon as Pennywise* showed his ugly face
and I couldn't sleep properly for almost a week.
My man is very good at imitating Pennywise and
he sometimes amuses himself by talking like him.
Beep, beep, Richie! They all float down here!

Today as I was walking to the craft store to get a
piece of felt to finish one of my projects, I noticed
that the circus was back in town and guess what,
outside the friggin' tent stands two clowns, smoking.
I ran as fast as I could away from there, struck by
fear and panic.
I had to call my man to come and get me, there's no
way I was gonna walk back!

*I actually love the name Pennywise.
If I ever become a Bull Terrier owner again I would
call it Pennywise - or Beetlejuice...


Betty Lou said...

jag såg "det" när jag var yngre och i väldigt många år (släppte för några år sen) så var jag rädd att skriva ordet det. låter sjukt jag vet, men jag vart ju livrädd för den där jäkla clownen!

fröken lila said...

i also have a clown-phobia. not as bad as yours, but still, pretty bad. i mean, i could stand a circus-show as a kid, but my parents tell me that when a clown came towards me to put a red dot on my nose i started crying and wanted that red dot off my face directly.. i think i saw a snippet or two of "it" when i was around seven or eight years old, which probably made the phobia worse...

Mrs Munster said...

I share the same fear, but mine actually started when I just heard my sister just talking about "IT" & Pennywise when I was a kid. Now just the thought of clowns gives me the creeps. I have watched IT few times after that, thinking I'd be ok. I was wrong. Scares the jeepers out of me.

beetlejuice said...

Jag har lyckats undvika att se Det hela mitt liv. Men Beetlejuice är en av mina favoriter!
Lyckas till att kalla mej det överallt också, mest för att det är ett sånt härligt ord.
Det jobbas faktiskt på en tatuering med Beetlejuice-tema just nu också.. :)

Alice said...

i have clown phobia aswell, this poster is so funny !
have you heard about John Wayne Gracy ?


enjoy !