Friday, 9 January 2009


As you might have noticed by now I have nothing
better to do than sit by the computer.
I'm currently working on a little revamping project
that will include my favorite Jewish girl of all times,
Marilyn Monroe.
(She converted when she married Arthur Miller.)

1940's Marilyn and her cute little tummy.


NormaJeane said...

Oh, cute picture <3

Betty Lou said...

det visste jag inte. men förblev hon judinna efter att dom skiljde sig?

Little Rascal said...

NormaJeane: It sure is. :)

Betty Lou: It was her idea to convert and I haven't read anything that says that she stopped being a Jew between her divorce and her death (approx 1 year and 7 months).
Just because she divorced him doesn't mean that she must give up her Jewish faith.

Miss Wink said...

I love those early pictures of her.

(psst, you got Myspace-mail..)

Mrs Munster said...

Marilyn certainly has got a cute tummy in this photo. I was actually watching quite a few Marilyn films yesterday. How to Marry A Millionaire. Marilyn is so adorably funny in it.

Elina said...

That's how the tummy should look like on a woman when sitting down... not like those horrible commercials when it looks like the skin so tight that it wouldn't be enough if they stood up :P

Miriam said...

Mmm, I love that picture! It's so darling sweet, and natural. Perfect!