Friday, 30 January 2009


And don't you dare say otherwise!

Saw on E News that Jessica Simpson has got a lot
of shit for her weight gain and I think it's sad.
Give her some cred I say!
She actually looks happy and healthy for once!

Your cellulites bugging you?
Check this out and you might feel a bit better.
(Because the rich and famous got them as well.)

Have a nice weekend girls!


Betty Lou said...

så fort nån är normalviktig och inte anorektisk så får dom skit. börjar bli lite less

Helena said...

I think Jessica Simpson looks much better than before, somehow healthier and happier. She's a gorgeous woman even with some extra pounds. Her skinny competitors look, how would I put it nicely, like Barbie dolls with no character.

The most important thing is that you are happy with your own weight.

Miss Wink said...
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Miss Wink said...

(I screwed up the last comment..)

I think she looks better than ever and what's more importants is that she looks so relaxed an happy!

As for cellulites... I use to say "It's more fun to take a joy ride on a bumpy road than a straight stretch!"

Mrs Munster said...

I have to say, I think I was happier all in all when I was almost 20 kg heavier! Women are suppose to have curves and properly "meat on their bones".

ismoyo said...

I heard about that too. Let her be. She's happy so what if she gained a couple of pounds? Where was it, i was flipping channels and saw a feature on her weight about how many hours she had to walk/run or play bowling to loose the weight again! Who cares how many hours she should bowl to loose her calories? I hope she'll eat some donuts for breakfast and enjoy them!

Lady Thirty said...

håller helt och fullt med!
önskar att all denna vikthets försvinner snart!


Kikkan said...

På vilket sätt ska den nedre länken få oss att må bättre? Det är ju exakt sådana sidor som dissar varje uns av mänsklighet på kändisars kroppar och knappast gör livet lättare för den nu helt normala Jessica Simpson.

Alice said...

hahah this is illarious :D
thanks for sharing this !!

i have the same effect when i go to sauna och hamam here in sweden, everybody's naked, and i can see that everybody is far from perfect ! and everytime i am out of it, i think i like my own body :)