Friday, 9 January 2009


I'm fed up with winter!
I wish it was summer so I can show off my cute handmade
bikinis and bags by the pool at some cool rockabilly festival.

Cap - From a store on Kungsholmen, Stockholm.
Sunglasses - eBay.
Swimsuit - Vintage find on eBay.


Miss Wink said...

I love this picture!
And I have found just the right caps in black and pink :D

Brook said...

OH my gosh I need that cap!!!!

Little Rascal said...

Miss Wink: Thank you darling.
Congrats! Please post picture when you'll get it.

Brook: I take that as a compliment. :))
I bet you can find something similar on eBay.

NormaJeane said...

You look beautiful! I can almost feel the summer from your picture!

Daffodils In March said...

Happy new year!. Have a lovely weekend, and I've tagged you in my blog if you'd like to take part!

Miriam Parkman said...

Jag börjar också längta efter vår och sommar nu..
Dels för att jag tar studenten (!!!) och dels för att jag också längtar efter att få gå runt i ett par höga jeansshorts jag håller på att sy nu+ den rödvitprickiga bikiniöverdelen från Ellos, som jag skrev om igår.
Sommaren är ju bästa show-off-tiden.. :D

Mrs Munster said...

I've been freezing today and was going through my wardrobe. Oh, the summerdresses...I want to be warm so I can wear them. I love cap! So sweet!

Mrs Munster said...

...correction I love the fingers are so cold that I cannot even type properly