Tuesday, 20 January 2009


I finally dared to call my best friend today!
We'd been friends on the net for a lifetime but we never met or
even talked on the phone, but that changed today, thanks to a
muffin recipe. (Now how housewife is that?!)
It must have been the most entertaining phone conversation I
had since I started to talk to my man before we met.

I've been dog-sitting a 10 year old Boxer today.
She was nice but not very social, I don't blame her though, she
is 70 in human years after all...

I have to recommend a very tasty treat you really should try.
A proper cup of coffee and a piece of Halva.
You can get them in all kinds of varieties but my own personal
favorite is honey Halva.


Mrs Munster said...

Wow, that's quite amazing to be best friends for a long time and not to talk to each other until now! How exciting. So how did you and Miss Wink originally meet in the net?

Little Rascal said...

She started to talk to me on Skunk.nu (or was it LiveJournal?) way back and we had contact since then.
She's the coolest chick I know and I can't wait to meet her in person!

Miss Wink said...

I think it was Skunk.nu back in October 2004 (time flies!).

I love you honey!*big hugs*

fröken lila said...

isn't it amazing how the internet makes the world so much smaller and gets you all kinds of new friends? if it wasn't for the internet, my boyfriend and i would never have met again after this one party ages ago in 2003.. i hope you two will be able to meet at some point soon!

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

How nice! ANd it will propably be really cool to meet her too !

I love halva too, I always have some at home. Another thing I enjoy with my coffeeare a few fresh dates, or then a slice of dried packed dates.

Sandy De Luxe said...

Lucky you! I't must have been so much fun talking, but I really understad that you hesitated. I tend to get nervous calling my friends when we havn't spoke in a while even though I'v known them forever! And so wonderful that you have so much in common!

Aurélie Muller said...

oh you and miss wink, you are really the most beautiful friends of the vintage world ! love

Little Rascal said...

Miss Wink: How the hell can you remember something like that?! :D

Fröken Lila: Internet is good for a lot of things, that's how I met my man. :)
Miss Wink is planning to come here in June! :D

The Freelancer's Fashionblog: She palns to come over in June/July!

My man loves dates with his coffee but I'm not a fan, yet.

Sandy De Luxe: I am very lucky, she's like the sister I never had but without the fights. :D

Aurélie Muller: Merci. :)