Saturday, 24 January 2009


Hi my honeys!
As you might have noticed by now I'm not online on a
daily basis as I usually am.
It's because of the damn Labyrinthitis, it's back, again,
and that's all I can say about that.

Since I can't really function as normal I've been laying
on the sofa for days and watching TV.
I found a program on Paramount Comedy 2 that I'm
a bit curious about, Trailer Park Boys.
Has anyone seen it, is it worth watching?


Betty Lou said...

jag har tyvärr sett lite, min pojkvän tycker det är skitbra. han hade nåt maraton för ett par år sen. själv tycker jag den är smutsig och inte så bra.

bunnilove said...

I know someone who also gets labyrinthitis, and I must say that your attitude and spirit is amazing. While she seems to play the victim, you seem to take it in stride. While it's never easy to deal with an illness, life must go on. And you keep designing and crafting, good for you! I always look forward to your creations!