Sunday, 4 January 2009


Hi my darlings!
Hope you had a really swell party on new years eve!

Mine hasn't started really well to be quite honest.
Pickles has now been evaluated by the behavior team
and she will not be in our care, even though we really
wanted her back.
They said that she need to be with other dogs for her
own mental welfare and we'd been in tears since we
took her back to the dog home.

I start to pick up the pieces of my broken heart and
start doing some craft again.
I'm not really up for it but at least it keeps my mind
off things for a while.
I made this bracelet the other day, it represent my
love for Coney Island.
(Freak shows, hot dogs and ferris wheels, you know.)


Miss Wink said...

I'm so sorry to hear that, darling :(
I wonder where you had gone...

I love Coney Island too! Got lots of sideshow books, it's such an interesting era.

Mrs Munster said...

Sorry to hear about Pickles.

Never been to Coney Island but I understand, it's quite awesome place. The bracelet is cute. said...

Så tråkigt att ni inte fick behålla hunden. Att förlora en vovve är tungt.

Fint armband! Säljer du dina saker någonstans?

Kitten said...

So sorry that you weren't able to keep Pickles, but maybe the year can only get better from now on? Hope things start to look up soon, take care!

Little Rascal said...

Miss Wink: I'll be allright in a year or two. :P
We should go there together!

Mrs Munster: Thank you sweetie. I sell my stuff on Tradera, you'll find a link on the side of my blog.

Kitten: The only way is up from now on, I hope.
Thanks for your comment.

Onion said...

I just dropped in to see how it was going with Pickles. I'm so sorry to find it didn't work out for you. I loved the cuddled-up photo! I send you a big bullie lick on the ear,