Thursday, 15 January 2009


I actually think that The Raveonettes kicks the shit out
of most bands in the world.

I go mad when I listen to them, I don't know if I should
dance, sing along, create something, pull my hair, get
drunk or f**k my brains out.
It's that wonderful.

Two of my many favorite Raveonettes songs...

Beat City

Love In a Trashcan


Betty Lou said...

nu blir jag så där nostalgiskt. lyssnade jätte mycket på dom när beat city kom. attack of the ghost riders är ju också jäääävligt bra.

Little Rascal said...

I love that song too.
The only reason I didn't post that video is because they didn't allow the Embed-thingy anywhere.

Mrs Munster said...

This is totally new band for me but I dig their sound. Have to look in to their music more.