Wednesday, 26 November 2008


I hate to leave negative feedback on my customers,
so I often don't even bother, but when a customer
can't wait more than five hours for a reply before
giving me negative feedback I won't let it pass!
That's bad communication!
I would gladly have replaced the item but I didn't
even get the chance.
I don't sit by the computer all day and especially
not now when I'm ill and can't even go down the
stairs by myself just in case I pass out again.
I got medication from my GP today though.
I'm gonna shut up now, she's not even worth it.


Betty Lou said...

åh jag hatar det med! brukar försöka undvika det för dom lämnar alltid hämndomdömen.

Little Rascal said...

I hate when people are rude and like this one don't give enough time to reply and try to solve the problem.
You don't get anywhere if you're rude.

Betty Lou said...

jag brukar skriva snällt men ändå får jag bara oförskämda svar tillbaks helt utan anledning.