Friday, 28 November 2008


I just came back from my GP.
We got the result and I suffer from Labyrinthitis.
Another thing I don't have time for...

Me and my man planned to stay over at some friends
this weekend and see The Keytones play but now we
might stay at home.

And my birthday is next Friday and the plans were to
go and see Slim Slip & The Sliders and really have a
ball since it's the last year for me as a 20-something.

I don't wanna be housebound because it's just gonna
make the depression worse and my thighs is gonna
end up rubbing against each other. Blah!


Miss Wink said...

Oh my, you are jinxed with health related problems :(
I hope you feel better soon.*hugs*

Let me know if there is anything you need!

Sandy De Luxe said...

Oh no, that didn't sound very good! Hope you're manage to deal with it in tha best way you can.. Take care!

Mrs Munster said...

Labyrinthitis is not nice at all! Hope you feel better soon.

Kitten said...

Well, at least knowing what it is will help you get better, right? Hope you start feeling better soon! *Well wishes*