Friday, 7 November 2008


I'm in a baking mood today...
My favorite during autumn is apple pie where you fry
the apples in a pan with butter, brown sugar and loads
of cinnamon before putting the apples in the pie.
(The fried apples are mighty good on their own with a
bit of custard or whipped cream.)
I'm not going to bake because my man is staying away
from carbs and I don't really need the sugar.
It would only be a waste of time and ingredients.

Instead I focus on making more hair-flowers, so far I've
made 25 new flowers, I ran out of clamps, my plan is to
make at least 15 more today.
I'm also gonna finish the new curtains for the bedroom.
The only thing that's missing in the bedroom is three
pots of these plants and this bookcase.
That will be sorted before the weekend is over.

This weekend is dedicated to unfinished projects.
I really need the feeling of accomplishment and to get
stuff out of the way.

By the way, I just put up some hair-flowers for reduced
prices on Tradera if someone is interested.


Betty Lou said...

är också baksugen men det får vänta ett tag tills jag kommer i form igen, blev en cupcake för mycket i våras :D

Sam said...

I know the feeling. Sometimes I'm also in a baking mood. But I always make muffins. You brought me on some ideas. Maybe I'm also going to make an apple pie next week...

Elina said...

Oooh, I love the plate! I've got them too :)

Lady Thirty said...

jag är också lite baksugen, fick ju så fina muffinsformar av Fru C.
blev väldigt sugen på äppelpaj :) men jag ska ta det lite lugnt med sötsakerna fram till jul, så först då får det bli baka av.

ha det great!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that pie is making my mouth water! Mmmmmm!

I've awarded you the "I love your blog" award - y'know, because I love reading yer blog!

If you want to hand it on the deets are on mine.

Caroline x