Saturday, 22 November 2008


I've been doing researching about the ingredients in Scandinavian candy.
I feel sick and disappointed, last week I had a handful of Ahlgrens Cars.
My man is a chef so he knows a lot about what's put into things and told
me that gelatin normally comes from beef unless it says otherwise, here
in England it's very clear because they state if it comes from beef or pork
and it make it a lot easier for me as a Jew.
(Since we're not allowed to eat pork.)
As a vegetarian I try to avoid beef gelatin as much as possible but some-
times the cravings take charge.

What the Scandinavian companies (Cloetta, Fazer, Malaco, Leaf) totally
ignored is to put what kind of gelatin they use on their ingredients and
you'll only find out if you check out their friggin' websites!!!
Apparently they all use gelatin from pork in ALL their products.
I don't get it, why don't they make themselves a lot more clearer about
what's in their products?
Doesn't EU have laws that you have to be more specific what's in the
stuff you eat?

I feel so sick and angry that I'm thinking about writing them a letter to let
them know what I think about their stone age ways.


Alice said...

in France all these gelatins product are not alowed AT ALL !! pork, beef, what ever, cause it may contain elements related to the big Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease thing, remeber back in the 90 ?

and it's much better to use gelatin called "vegetal" even if it's not, but that is chimically totally different, and that can be used by vegetarians and vegans :)

research it under "agar-agar" or "konjac" or "pectin" :)

hope it helps !

ps, do buy some beads !! and show me the result !! :D

Betty Lou said...

jag visste inte att gelatin även kommer från ko, trodde det bara var gris. skriv ett argt jäävla brev åt dom, tycker alla allmänt kan bli bättre på ingredienslistan

chelsea said...

I'm a veggie and often find myself standing in shops squinting at ingrediants. I've had it quite often not knowing, recently in a yoghurt, apparently even that can't escape it.

fröken lila said...

you really should send them a letter - as long as people don't complain things won't change. in general, i fear scandinavians are a lot worse at complaining, as, supposedly (my boyfriend is swedish and says so) it is seen as unproper/unpolite.
in germany they are really bad at stating these things as well, but at least there is quite a large variety of candy without gelatin, so at least there you can be safe..

julia. said...

hm. jag är vegetarian och äter ingen gelatin överhuvud taget. (och itne godis heller av samma anledning) men. det är sjukt. det finns typ i allt.

schmut said...

gelatin in Sweden's most commonly from pork. if it's from beef, it usually says bovine (gelatin) on the package.

most swedish companies use gelatin from pork which is why vegans don't eat anything but Scandi Candy (which is from agar agar)

Heather said...

I think you should write a letter, being jewish, it would be NICE if they let you know if it came from pork or not, here in america we have alot of standards on what needs to be on a package, but they rarely ever put anyhting on thier on wether the geletain comes from beef or pork, so I guess England has on uped us on that!
P.S I made the potatoe soupd this weekend and my man loved it!! Thanks!!

Alice said...

oh tack so mycket for the name !!! Ruby is PER-FEKT !!
Ruby it is !!

tack !!!