Tuesday, 25 November 2008


As you already know I'm all about revamping.
I love it, the feeling of turning something ugly into
something pretty is a real thrill to me.
I always find cheap crap at flea markets/car boot sales
that have potential to look pretty and be very useful
after some TLC.

Here's some of the things I revamped lately.
Hope you get inspired!

I got this gingham blouse for 30 pence at a car boot sale,
the buttons were very dull and I wanted something more
girlie since the blouse has got puffy arms.
I removed the buttons and added white vintage buttons
that looks like roses. Easy!



My man gave me this old and rater rusty cigarette box.
It only cost him 50 pence and he told me to do whatever
I wanted to it.
I just cleaned it up a bit, spray painted it red and added
a piece of scarlet felt in the bottom.
It now has a Russian feel to it and I store my collection
of vintage earrings in it.



I found this wooden box at a charity shop for 20 pence.
It was used to store slides in the 60's (I read the index)
and I knew right away that it would be a perfect craft box
while traveling or just to have it handy by the sofa if I
get bored and want to do some craft.
I removed the slide holders and laminated two pieces of
wallpaper that I glued onto the inside.



I found this helm at a car boot sale for just 50 pence.
Since we got a 1950's boat bar we started to collect
nautical stuff to go with it.
This helm was an old souvenir from Malta but it didn't
really work for me so I just printed out one of Elvgrens
pinups, lamintated the picture and glued it onto the
center of the helm. Much better!



I got this napkin holder from the Hemsby car boot sale
for £1. It was in a state but I knew right away what I was
gonna do to it as soon as I got home.
I just spray painted it black!





Betty Lou said...

åh allt blev galet mycket finare. älskar den röda lådan. jag har letat efter ett gammalt smyckesskrin i flera år men hittar aldrig någon :(

jag brukar också byta knappar på sånt jag köper, inte alltid dock. men oftast på sånt från kedjorna, dom har oftast knappar i samma färg som plagget vilket är lite trist.

Mrs Munster said...

Awesome stuff! You've really got fantastic skills for revamping. I love the helm especially. I'm interested in this boat bar of yours. Can you post photos of it?

miss vintage love said...

Great finds! They're all super cute!

Mari said...

Oi, vad fina saker! Jag tycker mest om roder. Kanske jag stjälar din idea och försöker göra nånting liknande till min man :)

fash said...

you should do a summer school or a club called Revamp Camp!

chelsea said...

These are great, the wheel and red box in particular are catching my eye.

NormaJeane said...

That sewing box looks really wonderful!

Elina said...

Revamping is the best :)

Anonymous said...

That's really inspiring!

JANNIKE aka COOKIE said...

sluta vara så händig och kreativ, haha. du inspirerar som bara den så nej, sluta inte.

Vintage Darling said...

great inspiration. thank you!

Alice said...

waow you're so good :D
i just love the berfore/after thing in general,

i love the cigaret box, so perfect !!
and also your elvis napkins haha :)


Glamour-Och-Fläskpannkaka said...

Thanks for your inspiring tips!

Candy said...

You find the most wonderful things!! You are so lucky to have places to go to find vintage, I can't find it unless I buy it online :-( I love your blog, and have added it so that I can follow it on a regular basis :-)

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

YOu did a great job with all of those ind in such simple ways! Love the cigarette box!

lisalove said...

such a good job! wish i could revamp like that- it would save me a lot of cash!