Monday, 10 November 2008


Everything is on hold today.
We just found out this morning that we're going to a funeral.
Jewish funerals is like celebrity weddings, you get to know
about it in a very short notice in this case the deceased must
be buried within 3 days.

I'm a bit disturbed by a thing I noticed today.
I won't go into too much details but it's actually about a
potential customer.
As a Jew I don't like Nazis since they murdered a lot of
our relatives that didn't have the money or the strength to
escape from Germany back then.
I do know for a fact that neo-Nazis isn't the most intelligent
bunch of people (I went to a high school full of them), and
awfully ignorant* and paranoid* as well, but if you hate your
so called "enemy" you learn about them, right?
In this case, does this person with the nickname of a big
concentration camp and who collects Hitler memorabilia
know that kosher is a Jewish thing or that I'm Jewish?
If this person know this, is this just a piss take?
Is this yet another Nazi that gonna threaten to kill me as
soon as they get hold of my email address?
(Trust me, it's not the first time.)
All I know is that I feel a bit sick about it.

* Ignorant = goes for the stereotype that all Jews are rich,
have huge noses, wear a kippah and payots and have sex
through a sheet.
I bet they'd be surprised if they knew who's Jewish in the
entertainment industry.
(You can't really tell nowadays cos most of them have tiny
artificial noses and blond hair.)
You'd might be surprised too...
Check the list of Jewish entertainers and Jewish musicians.

* Paranoid = a lot of them believe that Jews controls the
media. Yeah, sure most major TV networks, newspapers,
magazines and publishing houses are owned by Jews but
that does not mean that they control what's been written
or broadcasted.


Kitten said...

Sounds a bit scary...Hope things turn out well anyway!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness, You know, it is very sad to see this kind of racism still heavily exisits, We here in America are going through this right now with the election of Obama into the presidency, some of the things that I have heard people say aredown right appalling. Be safe sweetie, and good luck.

fröken lila said...

well, if you know that this person collects certain memorabilia plus has a nick showing certain tendencies, you should rather be more careful than less. i use a special emailadress for ebay only, so that might be an option for you in case you still want to sell to that person. i don't know how it is on tradera, but on ebay (and i think tradera is part of ebay now) you might have possibilities against this person if he or she threatens you in any way. just take care you keep all the conversation.

Betty Lou said...

läskigt! jag har aldrig förstått hatet.

ismoyo said...

Sorry to hear about the funeral. Stay strong.
Sorry to hear about the lunatic thats a potential customer.
Stay safe.

Rebecka said...

Fast egentligen... Man behöver ju inte vara nynazist för att man har ett namn efter ett koncentrationsläger, man kan ju vara fascinerad av hur egentligen någonting sådant kunde hända, hur sjuk världen egentligen är?

Jag känner en del människor som samlar på SS-uniformer och dylikt och har nick som är förintelseläger eller koncentrationsläger just för att de är intresserade av historia inte för att de hyllar nazismen alls. Och en av dessa människor kommer från Polen och är judisk!

Det kan ju faktiskt vara så.