Saturday, 15 November 2008


On Thursday I went into London City for a day out with
my mother in law.
I rarely go into city, it's way too busy for me, but I really
needed to get out and do something fun and girly.

First we went to The Cumberland Hotel for a cup of coffee
before shopping at Primark on Oxford Street, then we went
for a nice vegetarian lunch at Mildreds and then off to the
overrated haberdashery store MacCulloch & Wallis where
I got some hat net in the end.
Their prices is awfully high, I got 7 plain buttons and 4
rings you use as a link between the handles and the bag,
if you catch my drift, they charged £6.47, I actually asked
them if they were joking and returned it, in my local
haberdashery store I would have payed around £2!
The we ended up having coffee at Starbucks, I tried their
Gingerbread Latte.
After the coffee we took the bus to Golders Green to meet
up with my man and to have dinner at our favorite vegan
Chinese restaurant, CTV.

I rarely spend much money on clothes nowadays but on
Thursday I spent £36, I felt a bit naughty but £36 is not
much, really, if you think about how much stuff I've got.
My local Primark don't have that much of a selection so
I went mad on lingerie.
(Not that I don't have enough already to make Dita jealous.)
Got to keep the spirit up and the flame burning. He, he...

This is what I got:

Dress £5.

Bolero, £6.

Corset, £10.

Shape pantie, £6.

Set, £4.

Pantie, £1.

Pantie, £1.

Pantie, £1.

Pantie, £1.

Panties, £1/each.


Betty Lou said...

den där klänning är jätte söt! fina fynd!

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

I think you got quite a lot of nice stuff, and it's ok to do a little spending from time to time...

GIngerbread latte sounds pretty nice, we don't have Starbucks over here but I guess it'd be pretty easy to try and make one myself.

Karima said...

i adore that bolero - well done with all your purchases!

Mrs Munster said...

Ooh, pretty pretty stuff. The leopard corset especially. Where did you get that for such a reasonable price? Surely not Primark?

Kitten said...

What a bunch of nice stuff! Allt the underwear was really cute, especially the leopard stuff I liked. One good thing about living in england was definetly the cheap places like Primark. Kinda miss it here... :/

Alice said...

haha i like the way you can shop a lot with only 36 pounds, nowadays people like to say they payed 200 euros for just one pair of shoes, i hate it !

and what great finds these are :D

Linnea said...

Jag ska till London i december och da blir det sjalvklart nagra timmar pa Primark....brukar ocksa stocka upp pa udnerklader..

Lady Thirty said...

söta plagg :D said...

Oh! Tänk om man kunde köpa sådär tjusiga underkläder till de priserna här... *avis*
Mvh Åsa