Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Rather productive day so far.
This morning I went to the local college to sign up for another
sewing class.
The previous one was a total disaster as you might remember.
Anyway, the new class is 10 weeks long and starts in the end of
January. I can't wait!
My friend Paula might do the class as well.

My man finally called the gas company, we have had a gas leak
for quite some time now, it was very minor to begin with but
for the last couple of days I've been feeling like Sylvia Plath or
our unfortunate relatives during the WW2.
The problem got solved after the gas guy knocked down part of
a wall to turn one of the taps off.

I've got new huge boxes for all my shoes at IKEA yesterday.
I still need another one!
I felt a bit frustrated as I was trying to fit as many as I possible
could into the boxes I've got, a little bit like Gary Oldman's
character, Stansfield, in the movie Leon.
I haven't got time for this Mickey Mouse bullshit!

We actually had a very lucky day yesterday.
We were supposed to tile the fireplace and add a cool 1960's gas
heater, mostly to hide the Artex, anyway, a bit of the Artex had
come off and I started to peel some of it off just to see what was
hiding underneath.
I found a treasure...
There was these beautiful greenish gray tiles from the original
fireplace from the 1950's!
It's so beautiful and really gives the room even more character.
There's some changes that needs to be done but I promise to
post before and after pictures when it's all done.

Another lucky thing, we finally got the fabric we'd been waiting
for since the end of August!
I've been waiting for so long to give the lounge a face-lift.
And I got hold of the fabric I wanted for curtains in the bedroom
from IKEA yesterday.
The lady in the till typed in the wrong code so we saved £11!!!
Guess who's putting the old rags on the bonfire tomorrow.

The fabric for the bedroom, Inger, IKEA.


Miss Wink said...

Gas leak???!! Holy... I scared to death by gas (no pun intended).

I so envy the fact that you and Mark share the interest for retro decoration. My man is interested in a very limited way and question me whenever I get something new.
Love the fabric and a big yay for the discount!

Betty Lou said...

shit, jag är rädd för gas. som tur är har jag aldrig behövt använda det. ser fram emot före & efter bilderna!

fint tyg! och grattis till fyndet! jag har spanat på ikea men tydligen inte så bra för den har jag missat helt. vad heter skolådorna du köpte, skulle också behöva ett par.

Mrs Munster said...

I can just imagine how beautiful the old fire place looks like. That's one of the good things in living in an old house. U never know what treasures you'll find. Our house unfortunately isn't even that old, but boy it has got lovely Artex ceilings... I kind of have love-hate relationship towards them.