Sunday, 21 December 2008


I'm not much for alcohol.
I once turned down a date with Pelle from The Hives.
I admire thrifty and resourceful people.
I often get really shitty songs stuck on my brain.
My first crush was Johnny Rotten.
I have a thing for noses.
I own 112 pair of shoes.
I get weak when I hear Johnny Cash speak.
I can't stand elitism.
My best feature is my eyes.


Betty Lou said...

112! jisses!

och varför tacka nej till pelle?

A red lipstick said...

I'd love to see pictures of you shoes...
Wishing you a great Chanukkah!

Mrs Munster said...

112 pairs of shoes! That is a lot. Hope you have all locked away now that you are getting a dog. You never know what kind of mischievous little one you'll have :)

Lo said...

Åh howlin' pelle är ju ungefär världens sötaste, men skenet kanske bedrar..?
Bra jobbat där med skorna ;)

Little Rascal said...

Betty Lou: Yep, I tend to go mad on shoes...
He's not my type at all, he's way too skinny and he's too much of a star, if we'd hit it off he would be gone on tour all the time so I didn't really see the point.

A Red Lipstick: Someday maybe. :)
Happy Hanukkah darling!

Mrs Munster: They are all boxed up in huge plastic boxes so she won't get to them and since I'm a size 3 they don't take much room anyway.

Lo: Thanks darling, they might multiply since it's easy to get nice shoes for a small sum over here.
Pelle is sweet but not at all my type.

Alice said...

haha me too, I always get really shitty songs stuck in my head, for days !! wich can be very painful for my friend/coworkers's ears!!

elitism makes me puke !!

i really like your style and taste :)

Miriam Parkman said...

I'm not so much for alcohol either... Only when I feel for it, and when it's good;)

It's pretty cool to say that you've toruned Pelle from The Hives down! :D

God jul!