Thursday, 18 December 2008


Today has been a bit too much for me.
I woke up far too early but used the time to make
new curtains for the kitchen.

I walked into town to send some packages and did
some neat finds.
I got a pair of pink panties with monkeys for £1 and
a pretty blouse with an attached vest for only £4.

When I got home my mans best friend came by with
his wife and two year old son, Joshua, and I had a
great time playing bunny with him.
We put on bunny-ears and ran around the kitchen

In the middle of everything they called about the Bull
Terrier and a man called Richard came by to do an
interview, he liked us immediately and we're going to
see the dog on Saturday.
I have second thoughts, I guess it's all too real now and
I feel like I'm cheating on Pixi, I don't want another dog,
I just want Pixi back...


Mrs Munster said...

awww. You won't be cheating on Pixie even if you have a new dog in your life. You will be giving a home to a little one that needs shelter, love and attention. Hopefully everything goes okay and you will have a furry baby soon filling your days with joy!

Linn Ekholm said...

Wow, thats an eventful day! I don´t think getting a new dog is cheating on the old on, either. I think of it as such, two totally different personalities but probably equally lovable. Different, and similar at the same time, just like brothers and sisters.

Lets hope tomorrw will be a calmer day, if that´s what you´d like.

ismoyo said...

A possible new puppy, running around with bunnyears, what a lovely day.
And especially finding those monkey panties! You were right, i adore!

NormaJeane said...

That was a really effective day. Great finds!

Karin said...

jippi! ratsen och den fina ljusgula hårblomman är mina! :)
snart blir det fina frisyrer!

A red lipstick said...

Nice finds!
Getting a new dog doesn't mean that you're cheating on or forgetting about Pixi, and I hope you will feel better about it by giving it some time, even though it is very hard now.
Shabbat shalom.

Little Rascal said...

Mrs Munster: I see what you mean but I still think that I've could have done more to get her over but instead I gave her away.
I will get over it. :)

Linn Ekholm: My head felt like it was going to burst after all the excitement. :))
I guess I'll get over it in a while.

Ismoyo: It was a lot of fun but my head was about to burst. :))
I knew you would like them. :)

NormaJeane: Thank you, doll. :)

Karin: Oh, cool, I'm looking forward to see what you make out of them. :)

A Red Lipstick: Thank you dear.
I'll get over it, I hope.
Hope you had a nice Shabes.