Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Pickles are home and already well adjusted.
I bet she can tell that we're good people that cares
for her, I never seen a dog adjust this quickly!
She loves cherry tomatoes, grapes and plums.

I must be brutally honest and say I've got the "doggie
blues", I'm not so sure that this is what I want right
now, it felt perfect in the past but not in my current
new settled life.
(Say's the girl who been crying over Pixi for 2 years.)
I'm gonna give us a month and if it doesn't feel 110%
I won't go trough it.
I feel so friggin' bad!


Mrs Munster said...

Pixie is a beauty! I kind of understand the blues you have. Haven't been in the exact situation but when we had our rottie, I just didn't feel I bonded with him at all. I didn't even like him. I had my staffie and she was perfect. The rottie pup was nothing like her. I think it took me almost 1/2 year to get attached to him. Now I love him to bits. Wouldn't imagine my life without him. No two doggies are the same but I hope Pixie will have a good home with you. I hope everything goes ok.

Little Rascal said...

We have bonded, she's a sweetie when she's calm but it's just that I don't know if I really "need" a Bull Terrier to keep me happy.
It's so hard to explain and hey, she hasn't been here 24 hours yet so...
We'll see.
It's Pickles, Pixi was my old Bull Terrier.

Elina said...

Oh, she's so cute! Hope you feel more sure about her later on, it's a huge commitment to take care of a dog. But I'm sure you already know :)

Merry Christmas / Happy Chanukka!

Mrs Munster said...

I thought it didn't sound right! Pickles and Pixie. Actually sounds very similar. Hope you have great days together anyway :)

Miss Wink said...

Honey, I think I know what you mean...and all I can say is: listen to what your heart tells you. Give it a month and if it's not 100% great then, it was not meant to be.

She's adorable and I wish you all the best and luck.

Bullie named Moses said...

i completely know what you other dog pasted 3 yrs before we go Mosie and I still wonder if i'm ready.

She's very cute.

Alice said...

maybe she will help you to move on, we can't hold on the past for ever...


Linnea said...

what a little cutie pie!