Tuesday, 16 December 2008


My man found a little white English Bull Terrier lady!
Her name is Pickles, she's not at all cute in the picture
(Pixi was picture perfect) I saw but of course I want to
meet her before I decide.
We're gonna call tomorrow and make an appointment.

I called to sign up for the dressmaker course, the form
is on it's way and there's still spaces left.

Ran a lot of errands and posted packages today.
I had some stuff for charity so my man took care of it
while I was at the post office.
When we met up he had a little present for me, these
cute forks! We had cocktail forks like that at home.
He's always thinking of me...


Betty Lou said...

åh fina. när jag var lite och när min mommo gjorde köttbullar brukade vi äta med såna gafflar nystekta köttbullar från tefat. mamma gör inte lika goda köttbullar som mommo gjorde, inte min moster heller :( och nu har min mommo varit död i ca 10 år :(

lyllo dig med en karl som överröser dig med fina presenter. min pojkvän är inte så värst romantiskt så det är sällan jag får nåt utan att fylla år eller ha gnällt till mig nåt (arbetslös & pank :( )

Little Rascal said...

Aw, so sweet of you to tell me about cute memories, I love that stuff.
(I want to write a book about cute memories.)
My maternal grandma made the best meatballs as well, she did everything perfect for some reason.

Well, I never ask for anything and I love stuff that doesn't cost much (jag ar billig i drift) and he loves to do cute stuff like that.
The forks only cost him 50 pence but they are worth a lot to me.
I do feel blessed to have him.

Betty Lou said...

jag gillar också sånt, synd bara att jag glömmer bort det mesta. mommos köttbullar var saftiga och perfekta, medans mammas & moster är torra. fastän dom gör efter samma recept. fattar inte

Elina said...

Aaaw, your man always seems to be such a perfect guy -I'm almoust a bit jealous ;)

Kitten said...

Cute forks! Hope you have better luck with this doggie!

Mrs Munster said...

Those forks are adorable You've really got a good man. Best of luck with the doggie!

Little Rascal said...

Betty Lou: I think I prefer dry ones, my mom made wet ones and I rather starved myself than eat them. :))

Elina: I'm lucky, I get both love and cute stuff. :)
Best of all, I feel safe and calm around him and that are worth more than anything.

Kitten: Thank you darling.
I'm gonna meet her on Saturday!

Mrs Munster: I bet you agree with me, there's something special about English men. :)
I'm gonna meet her on Saturday, I'm nervous and have second thoughts, I don't know why. :(