Friday, 26 December 2008


Our little girl has attacked my man 4 times since she came home.
She's really nasty when she's in that state but she's the sweetest
when she's calm and cuddly.
Thing is, we don't know when she's gonna snap next and it's
actually very stressful.
We'd been very calm but firm while we been training her on the
lead and she seems to get it that we're the boss, she's not a dumb
girl, it's just that we can't trust her.
I have had dogs my entire life and have alone coped with as many
as 11 dogs (me an my mom had a kennel) but now it feels like I
don't know what to do about this situation.
The spirit in this house feels heavy and sad today, it's almost like
someone have died.


Miss Wink said...

We don't know what she's been through during her first months in life since she was found as a stray....maybe she's been beaten or mistreated in some way.

Bullie named Moses said...

i think it's fair to give her time to see if you if she fits into your family. I'm rooting for you guys!

Mrs Munster said...

Your girl probably hasn't had very good start in life. With adult dogs you probably always have the risk not be able to trust them at first. I still hope all will work out ok for all of you. How about getting a dog psychologist to see her?