Thursday, 4 December 2008


My day did not exactly run as I planned, it actually
turned out to be pretty lousy as soon as I left the house.
I woke up too bloody early because of a mean headache
(because of the Labyrinthitis), so I took my medications
and waited it out with two episodes of the 1960's cult
series Bewitched and some proper coffee, then I baked
three different kinds of cookies while listening to the
wonderful tunes of Count Basie, so far so good.

My plan was to go into town to treat myself to some
sassy lingerie and makeup since it's my birthday
tomorrow and I wanted to feel sexy underneath.
The sign on the fancy lingerie shop said 40% off but it
turned out that the 40% was already taken off so I left
with a broken heart.
Thing is, I can afford their stuff but it's just the principle,
I rather go to Primark on Oxford Street next week and
go mad for less.

The makeup shop advertised take 3 pay for 2, what they
didn't say was that it has to be all from the same brand,
I got pissed off and returned two of my things.

I didn't really have any fun and I wasn't spoiling myself.

I did get away with two finds at MK One, leopard printed
bolero for £2.50 and a pinupish red top for £8.

I stopped by my local Primark and as I was browsing I
found a pair of shoes that was absolutely darling and
reminded me about the overpriced 1940's style shoes
from TOPSHOP everyone's gone bonkers over.
These were on sale and I payed only £6 for them.
I changed the shoes strings as soon as I came home to
nice black ribbons instead.


Mrs Munster said...

I went to Primark yesterday after a long time and was very pleasantly surprised how cheap clothes are there. 3 awesome tops for £6! The shoes looks super cute, especially after you added the ribbons.

Sandy De Luxe said...

Hipp Hipp Hooray! Congrats on your birthday!

Betty Lou said...

nu har ju jag squeek och jag är väldigt nöjd, för vem vet när någon liknande modell kommer ut.

synd att jag inte har nära till primark. får försöka ta det nästa gång jag är i london, dina är supersöta!