Saturday, 20 December 2008


We went to see Pickles today.
She was very cute, rowdy and totally adorable,
just like an English Bull Terrier should be.
My man liked her very much too, of course.
Guess what! We're taking her home on Tuesday!
She's our little Hanukkah Mitzvah...

Apparently she's 9 months old, I have to pick a
date in March for her birthday, any good date
in mind perhaps?


muija said...

Ooh, congrats/grattis! I can't wait for you to put up some pictures of her!
I've been following your blog/search for a puppy for some time now, although I've never commented before, guess this is as good time as any.
Congrats again, I can just imagine how excited you must be.

Mrs Munster said...

Congratulations! That's fantastic. I'm sure you'll be posting loads of photos of your little one next week. I'm so pleased for you.

Miss Wink said...

Oh, that sounds lovely!
What about March the 17th? Then she and Viggo will be born the same day :D

Zizzi said...

Vad kul! Varför inte den 25 mars? Då är det våffeldagen!
Kram cissi

Linnea said...

grattis till vovven...rowdy ar ett passande ord...:)

Betty Lou said...


Little Rascal said...

Muija: Thank you darling. :)
I can't hardly wait!

Mrs Munster: Thank you! :)
I guess there will be nothing but doggie posts next week.

Miss Wink: March 17 it is! Perfect to have the same birthday as her cousin. :D

Zizzi: I didn't know that! :D
Thanks for the suggestion.

Linnea: Tack! :D
Hon var tokig, snurrade runt som en dreidel pa golvet, hur sot som helst. :))

Betty Lou: Tack! :D

Onion said...

Oh my! Thrilled for you and for Pickles. Can't WAIT to see the accessories she gets. She is a lucky little bullie! What a fantabulous Christmas present for you and her. Wishing you all possible happiness!
I send her a big welcoming lick on the ear.