Saturday, 20 December 2008


Yesterday me and my lovely, handsome man celebrated
our two year anniversary together.
We went to Hitchin in the morning to rummage at the
antique market, where we came across some finds.
I got a whole lot of hankies from the 1950's for only £2,
a 1960's tin for £1 and a silly 1950's ornament with two
guy's on a beer barrel for 50 pence.

Tin, £1.

Beer buddies, 50 pence.

When we came back home we had a nice brunch with
garlic bread, olives, pickled pepper, avocados, cherry
tomatoes and mozzarella.

My man was cooking a lamb joint with our homegrown
Rosemary, whom I noticed grown to be almost as tall as
our palm tree!
I cut some stems off and put them in water and pimped
it with some glitter balls from the 1960's.
Smells wonderful and looks very kitschy.

In the evening we relaxed at home with some Ginger
cocktails and snacks.
We also exchanged gifts.
I got Babyliss Pro 320 hair straightener and my man
got a very rare 45 and some men's face products from
Body Shop.


the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Congratulations on you anniversary!!!

(And that luch of yours made me hungry, might have to go fix myself something similar now :)

i want one so badly said...

congratulations on your anniversary!

the lamb sounded perfect! I've been meaning to comment you for a while now, I noticed your wonderful tops on craftster (don't worry, no competition, I haven't figured out how to close a stitch yet) and now check your blog probably too much

its great to see another pair interested in going on the hunt in charity shops and all that
oh, and so I don't need to do a second comment, a good date for pickles' birthday would be the
15th, just because its a good number

nakata said...

I became hungry while I was reading about your anniversary lamb and looking at the olives....
Congratulations on your anniversary, keep going!

and I'm going to the kitchen:)

Little Rascal said...

The Freelancer's Fashionblog: Thank you sweetie. :)

I want one so badly: Thank you very much! :)
Oh, I'm flattered but I don't see other craftsters as rivals, craft is just a way of expressing myself and to keep sane. :))
We can't get enough of thrifting, we do it as often as there's a thing going on.
Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Nakata: Thank you very much! :D
Yeah, go make yourself something really yummy. :)