Monday, 15 December 2008


I forgot to post a picture of one of the 1950's handbags I
found for 75 pence in a charity shop on my birthday.
I love this one, it's a keeper. It's so princess like!
It was in a bit of a state so I had to do a few stitches, cut
some threads and get a gold chain.
Isn't it cute?


Miss Wink said...

I absolutly love it!
Have never seen anything like it before.

Mrs Munster said...

That is one beautiful bag. Great find!

Betty Lou said...

åh! sluta gör mig avis!

c/o richards said...

wow! its lovley...they gave it away!

Lady Thirty said...

finfin väska :)

Vintage Darling said...

it's lovely! the perfect match for you ;)

Little Rascal said...

Miss Wink: Thank you. :)

Mrs Munster: Thank you sweetie. :)

Betty Lou: Oh, sorry, mam. :P

c/o Richards: Thank you.
They sure did, that's why I love it even more. :)

Lady Thirty: Thanks darling. :)

Vintage Darling: Aw, thank you honey. :)

Michelle said...

So pretty! unique and special for sure.