Saturday, 27 December 2008


She's now attacked my man two more times since yesterday and
she tried to attack a child and other adults that was out for a walk,
she's gone even worse towards other dogs and she bit one of our
neighbors pretty badly, our neighbor was actually bleeding.
We called the very nice man who was here for the home check and
interview to ask him what to do because the dog home said that she
didn't have any problems, which wasn't the truth.
He said that we should take her back, she should have gone through
a thorough behavior assessment before being re-homed.
I've done nothing but cried and cuddled her all night and morning.
She's such a beautiful little girl and we both have fallen in love with
her but not her bad behavior.
I knew it was too good to be true!

I guess we're returning her this afternoon and we both feel utterly
depressed that we have to because we really love her and wanted to
give her a good home...


Sandy De Luxe said...

Stackars dej, det måste kännas jättejobbigt! Hoppas att ni hittar någon liten söting som det går bättre med! Gott nytt år!

Bullie named Moses said...

it might be too late but Cesar Millan's style of training helped me a great deal.

chin up

Mrs Munster said...

I don't know what else to say than I'm sorry to hear. Pickles probably does need a little bit of dog therapy.

Brook said...

Oh man... that sucks! but thats pretty serious! She is so cute though!!!

Betty Lou said...

åh vad jääävla trist! jag vet ju hur mycket du velat ha en söt rackare hemma. hundar som bits är livsfarliga :( jag hoppas ni hittar nån annan som är snäll

Lady Thirty said...

vad trist för hon är ju en riktig sötnos...

schmut said...

du ska inte ta tag i det själv? om du verkligen gillar hunden så är du kanske rätt kvinna för det?