Friday, 13 March 2009


I really hate our bathroom.
Everything else in the house is getting a makeover
but the bathroom is not, unfortunately.
Our dream bathroom has pink sink, toilet and tub
and black tiles on the walls and floor.
We're currently looking around on Freecycle for
pink bath utilities, you never know...

I love these taps by Lefroy Brooks.


Miss Wink said...

Just gorgeous!

Take a look at this webpage:

Betty Lou said...

helt underbara kranar!

Lady Thirty said...

jag säger bara; oj oj... :)

Mrs Munster said...

I think that toilet has adorable colour scheme!

Heather said...

I agree black and pink is super neat!

Sandy De Luxe said...

Oh my god! Those taps! I wan't it now!! Have a nice weekend!

Zizzi said...

Love the bathroom on the pictures! Forgot to tell you that you won my give-away. Mail me your address (you can see my mail on my blog)

Joanna said...

verkligen snyggt med rosa och svart.
och kranen och vreden var superläckra.

jag skrev en c-uppsats om offentliga toaletter en gång.
toaletter och badrums utseende har alltid fascinerat mig.
det är liksom beviset på om någon gjort sitt verkliga yttersta, tänkt på precis alla detaljer.
ungefär som när killars strumpor matchar deras manschettknappar.
jag gillar det där lite extra.