Thursday, 12 March 2009


I couldn't imagine a morning without a cup of proper coffee,
preferably strong with two sugars and a dash of whole milk.
I really can't stand the instant crap!
Since I'm one of those people who really get the kick, and I
do mean THE kick = manic.
I'm about to have a cup and then clean the house, it gets
done so much faster.

My favorite coffee at the moment is Tesco's Italian.


Betty Lou said...

har snabbkaffe hemma, faktiskt godare än många brygg-kaffen. fast godast är blå mocca kok-kaffe

Heather said...

I get SO much more stuff when I have a cup of real good coffee.

Zizzi said...

Coffee i fun! It wakes you up in the morning, during the day you can sit down and have a lovely brake and drink coffee, and in the evening, you can read a book under a blanket with a great cup of coffee! I love coffee too!

Shadowthorne said...

.... i am a tea person myself. i am STILL ungraced by the joy of coffee.

tried chain-smoking 25 cigarretes and was still not addicted to smokes.


Little Rascal said...

Betty Lou: I bet you have an old coffee pan at home, am I right?

Heather: And faster withouth bitching too? :))

Zizzi: How can you sleep if you have a cup of jo in the evening? :))

Shadowthorne: I like tea as well, cinnamon, but nothing beats coffee when you have a house to clean. :))

Oh my! So you're filled with tar now? :))