Sunday, 1 March 2009


I've noticed that some of you have taken or planning
a trip to Paris and I totally forgot to tell you about a
rather breathtaking place I went to when I was there in
May 2006, Brasserie Mollard, it's a seafood restaurant
entirely decorated in Art Nouveau.
It opened in 1867 and I don't think it has changed much
since then.
I don't eat seafood (it's not kosher and I'm vegetarian)
so I can't really recommend the food, the only vegetarian
meal they had when I was there was onion soup which I
didn't enjoy because I'm not a fan of onions.
You can always pop in for a drink though.
Now check out the decor!


nina.a.m said...

Wow! what a beautiful restaurant! Talk about dining in style!!!
Love your blogg and style!!!

Elevator Lady said...

I will definitely go there the next time I'm in Paris. I love sea food!