Friday, 20 March 2009


I finally started to set up my Etsy store!
I listed seven items today but there will be more stuff up
for sale soon, I'm just not feeling it today...


Miss Wink said...

Great minds think alike!
I'm about to set up my Etsystore too and I think I'll be all set this weekend.
Do you mind if I use the banner you made me? I really like it :))

Little Rascal said...


Sure, no problems!

Heather said...

yeah this is great news! Now I will be able to better access your accessories if I want to buy one!

fröken lila said...

this is great news! i already added you as a favourite shop =) hope you will have fun with etsy!

Kissen said...

men vad härligt! Stort lycka till!

Zizzi said...

I have to check it out!

ismoyo said...

I was wondering about that, why you didn't have an Etsy shop.
Good for you for opening up shop!
Wishing you all the best and many sales!

Lady Thirty said...

nice! I will check it out :)

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

I just bought the pink sweethearts brooche :)

But, my computer here at work flipped put a bit ; while etsy has my current adress paypal still has the old one and pp jammed when I wanted to change it. I don't know if you get the shipping adress via paypal or etsy, but if it says "Helsinginkatu" (the old one)can you drop me a comment or mail and I'll give you the right adress?

Have a great Sunday night,