Tuesday, 10 March 2009


It's Purim, easiest explained as the Jewish Halloween.
I should have baked Hamantaschen but my man decided
to go on a diet. *sigh*

I still haven't joined a synagogue since I moved here so
we won't go to the reading of the Book of Esther.
My man is a member of the United but they are waaay
too conservative for our liking.
My man hasn't set his foot there since his Bar Mitzvah.
I actually feel like a bad Jewess since I haven't joined any
of the Jewish communities over here, when I was living
in Stockholm I went to the synagogue as often as I could,
even the morning service!


Heather said...

oh my goddness those look so freaking tasty!! MMMMMMM!

Shadowthorne said...

what filling? yes, it does look tasty

Little Rascal said...

Heather: They are freaking tasty. :)
Am I giving you cravings now? :))

Shadowthorne: My favorite filling is poppy seeds.

9uy said...

I heard there are about 30 Jews living in Reykjavik. Haven't met any of them yet. I heard they are gathering to celebrate holidays together. Hope to join them for next time. Btw, your "Ozney Haman" (as we Israelis call it) are looking delicious. Poppy are my fav too.