Friday, 6 March 2009


I'm taking a five minute break form cleaning the house.
Since I haven't been too well lately the cleaning sessions
hasn't been as many as before.
We're having guests staying over, The Go Getters to be
more specific, so it's a very good reason to clean.

We're going to an all day rockabilly event in Birmingham
tomorrow to have fun, see a bunch of great bands, jive
and meet up with friends we don't see that often.
We got the hotel room, entrance and drinks for free so
it's silly not to go.
I also have a free stall if I want to sell hair flowers and
jewelery but I'm not sure if I can be bothered.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

By the way... I've made some new hair flowers.
You'll find them here, here and here.
(Soon available on Tradera.)


Zizzi said...

It's sound like a good and fun reason to clean ;-)
I hope you will have fun!

- hypocritical jewelry said...

Åhh, jag köpte precis 3 hårblommor från dig på tradera! Dom är helt underbara :)