Friday, 10 December 2010


Looks like I can't walk past a charity shop without
dropping in for a quick browse.
The other day I had such bad cravings for a good
rummage it was actually ridiculous.

Earlier today I walked into town to post a package
and afterwards I was going swimming. On my way
to the swimming centre I happened to pass by my
new favorite charity shop and I just couldn't resist
the urge to scout. Lucky I didn't.
Found myself a top that makes me crave sun ripe
oranges and a bowl and jug with a nice mid-century

I was thinking about the amount of second hand
shopping I do every month and how little it actually
cost over here in the UK compared to Scandinavia.
If I still lived in Sweden and did the same shopping
I would be poor by now.
When the new year comes I will write down every
penny I spend in charity shops and at car boot sales
and see how much I end up spending in a year.
I won't count Etsy and Ebay because everyone can
scout and buy online and it's not the same thing.
Or maybe I should make a separate list for online

Miss Selfridge top, £1.70 (18,50 Kr, $2.70, €2)
This top makes me long for summer. I can see myself in a
pair of red shorts,
yellow tank top and this over it and also
some exotic hair
flowers in my hair.

1960's Jug and bowl, 80 pence. (8.70 Kr, $1.25, €0.95)
Don't know If this set is a keeper yet, I just loved the design
and for 80 pence I can afford to have a think
about it.

The set comes from Ridgway Pottery and it's called Ondine.
I wouldn't say no the the entire set, check it out!


Jema♥Rose said...

Jättefina fynd, och det stämmer verkligen att det är mycket dyrare här i Sverige...dessvärre!

: (

KRAM & ha en fin helg vännen!

Zizzi said...

Underbara fynd!