Saturday, 4 December 2010


Oy vey, what a weekend!
We finally spent some well needed time to relax
Last night we went a bit Swedish, we had Glögg
and pepparkakor with mature cheddar cheese.
(We actually bought that Glögg last December at
IKEA but there was no time to enjoy it then, so
we made up for it last night.)
Since we're both Jewish we celebrate Hanukkah,
in our own way, I guess we will become a bit more
traditional when we have kids.
One thing that is traditional to do during Hanukkah
is to give money to charity.
This year we started a new Hanukkah tradition,
we went charity shopping (scouting for some cool
finds in our local charity shops).
That way we're giving money to charity and also
shopping for "Hanukkah gelt" (the Jewish version
of X-mas gifts if you like) and doing something we
both enjoy at the same time. :D
Another traditional thing is to eat Sufganiyah.
My mother in law promised me to bring one over
for me on my birthday tomorrow.
It will be a substitute for an actual birthday cake.

OK, here's the Hanukkah gelt this year:

Vintage Guayabera, £2.
I got this beautiful vintage Guayabera for my lovely man.
The price was unbeatable, almost too good to be true.

Close up on the beautiful embroidery.

Close up on the tag.

Vintage Suit jacket, £3.
I love this jacket I got for my man!
He looks so handsome in it, like
my favorite character from
The Sopranos,
Silvio Dante.

Vintage glasses case, 60 pence.
Bamboo bangle, 10 pence.
I got the case for my man to store his 1960's sunglasses in.
He got me the bangle.

Pencil skirt, £2.
Just what I needed! I already got 3 red pencil skirts but not
in the perfect red shade.
This one is traffic light red, my favorite.
And it goes below the knees, which I prefer.

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Zizzi said...

Vilket underbart sätt att att ge till välgörenhet! Att shoppa för presenter samtidigt. Kram cissi