Thursday, 23 December 2010


Yes, I know, three blog posts in one day, like
I got nothing better to do. ;))
Well, I've done a whole lot today and now it's
time to sit down and relax. I actually need to,
I've got a mad headache, there's something up
with my neck and I get this horrible headache
and I get queasy.
Might been a trapped nerve.
Enough about that...

Tomorrow we're having a guest over for some
Swedish X-mas dinner (in Sweden X-mas is
normally celebrated on the 24th), the reason
why we're doing this is because my man wanted
to know what a Swedish X-mas was like and we
were invited to spend the holiday with my aunt
and her family but Ryan Air put their prices
way up and it's more or less cheaper to fly to
Mexico than to Sweden right now so we decided
that we are staying home this year.
I didn't want to spoil the whole experience for
him so I promised to make a nice Swedish X-mas
dinner after all.
A kosher one, mostly vegetarian.
Yep, that's how lovely I am. :))
There will be no tree and no gifts, only a whole
lot of food and good company.

Here's a little peek what I've been up to today...

I made Caribbean toffee. Recipe here!

I also made pear & vanilla compote and cherry &
plum compote. Yes, we managed to get too much
fruit from the green grocer, again.

Went a bit old school and put whole cloves in a few
mandarins, didn't have any oranges but it smells
just the same, very nice that is and the concept is
still the same.
And yes, the table cloth is from the 1950's and I got
it from my grandma way, way back.

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