Saturday, 18 December 2010


Personally I think this weekend has been rather
shitty so far. Luck hasn't really been on our side.
We finally got snow where I live but no one uses
winter tyres over here, (there's no law that you
have to since there hasn't been proper winters in
many, many years).
Anyway, my man had a small accident with the
car and it's not kosher to drive.
(Don't worry, he's fine!)
Sods law! I was really looking forward to actually
dress up and going out and conveniently we were
invited to a small private party our friend Gary
Day held last night (also known as Gaz and if I tell
you he used to be Morrissey's old bass player you
might know who the heck I'm talking about) but
since the roads are more suitable for ice skating
than driving a car and with a car who shouldn't be
on the roads we decided to stay home.
If everything goes tits up tomorrow I'm not gonna
be a very happy bunny, it's our 4 year anniversary
and we have planned for months to go and see our
dear friends The Keytones play at my favorite club
South London Pacific.
Our backup plan is Champagne, pizza, Rocky 4 and
maybe a jive in the living room. :P
I should really see it from the bright side, whatever
happens we're still doing something nice together.

OK, I do have something nice to blog about, I did
manage to snag a few cool things on my last scout:

Vintage bullet bra, £1.75.

1940's handbag with lucite handles, £1.

I dig this handle, one goes over the other as a closure.
Really neat! Mint condition too!

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Mrs Munster said...

I have to say your backup plan sounds excellent, especially from the Rocky-film point of view. It is just ridiculous how the country goes mad with a bit of snow...